Consumers and budtenders love your brand but your sales aren’t increasing — do you know why?
You’re planning to release a new product type, but are you positioning it correctly?
Consumers seem to prefer one of your products over the other. What are they saying exactly?

The Scorecard provides high-level metrics to help you track your progress, and you can use modules to help you uncover insights from your data to enhance your strategic decisions.

Currently, Cohesion offers three different drill-down modules: Receipt, Review, and Brand. With these modules, you’ll find metrics to deepen your analysis so you can be armed with a holistic view that accounts for all possible factors.


Receipt Module

The Receipt Module provides analytics on projected sales volume, basket size and composition, price analyses, and more. 

The receipt module will help you understand:

  • How your product sold across the country
  • How many customers bought it
  • What your market share is vis-à-vis your competitors

Plus other transactional metrics that can provide more insight into purchase behaviour. Learn more about the Receipt Module here.


Review Module

The Review Module provides insights on customer sentiment based on product reviews and ratings, and consumer-reported consumption methods, activities and effects. 

The review module will help you understand:

  • How many consumers reviewed your product
  • The average rating of your product  
  • Whether consumers  would buy it again

Plus other review metrics that can provide more insight into product perception. Learn more about the Review Module here.


Brand Module

The Brand Module gives companies a sense of their overall brand awareness, engagement, and perception, consumer repeat purchase intent and brand value. 

The brand module will help you understand:

  • How familiar consumers are with your brand
  • If they consider it as their first choice upon purchase
  • How likely budtenders are to recommend your product

Plus other brand metrics that can provide more insight into brand perception. Learn more about the Brand Module here.


How the modules work together


Having a complete view of the customer is what sets Cohesion apart from other data products on the market. Cohesion displays metrics on sales performance, consumer sentiment, brand positioning, marketing performance, and audience targeting.

Each of our data modules is built on data submitted daily to us by tens of thousands of verified cannabis consumers on the platform: hundreds of receipts, reviews and brand data inputs every day.


Interested in seeing the Cohesion Data Modules and learning how they can drive value for your brand? Fill out the form below to schedule a demonstration.

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