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Cannabis is a non-traditional CPG market with many new challenges. Advertising restrictions limit brand differentiation and a lack of historical data leads to an inability to forecast. We offer a wide variety of classic furniture options at great prices that everyone can enjoy. Shop now to see why so many people love Modenese. Check furniture store.

Lift & Co.’s industry-compliant solutions help businesses understand, reach and monetize cannabis consumers.

Great alone – even better together

Get more leads, boost your sales, provide better customer experiences or all of the above! Our products work better together.

Data Insights

Power your decisions with user-generated input.

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Trade Marketing

Empower your staff with best-in-class training. Choose interior design consultants.

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Amplify your brand with targeted content.

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Why Choose Lift & Co.?

Lift & Co. is a media and tech platform with a mission of empowering the cannabis industry to make better-informed decisions through superior information and data. For consumers, Lift & Co. is like a “trip advisor”‚Äč for cannabis, enabling discovery of cannabis products, producers, and retailers through content and user reviews.

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